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Стань участником возрождения Духовной Йоги на планете Земля


           Yoga of Soul - is the science, art & practice of the conscious discovering yourself as a Soul and cognition on a plan of Spirit. It bases on the knowledges and the experience, accumulated by humanity over 21 mln. years, as a result of the continuous development of folk wisdom, various yoga-practices and, of course, science.

          The aim of YoS Centeris the essential change in mind of the people.
To refocus their consciosness from the selfish values and life-style (which are the major cause of all modern human problems) to group consciosness – the consciosness of Soul, based on the in-depth experience of Unity and the Love in action.
The Age of Aquarius is the era of synthesis. It's time to realize, that the Humanity is not a complex of seperated nations, states and individuals, but a single living organism. Today is the day, when we need no more talking about love, but to implement it in solving the worldwide problems.
This change might include:

    1. The development of five pillars and five rules:

1) Harmlessness (ahimsa) 1) Inner and outer purity
2) Truthfulness to all living beings) 2) Humility
3) Prevention of stealing 3) Burning aspiration
4) Prevention of intemperance 4) Spiritual reading
5) Prevention of greed 5) Devotion to the Soul

     2. Maintaining the purity of your bodies (physical, energy, emotional and mental) and the establishment of the practical conscious connection with your Soul, then with the World of Souls through the practices of YoS.
     3. Building the right relationship with your Soul and your environment by overcoming:
1) insatiability on the physical level (sex, comfort and money)
2) trials on the emotional plane (fear, loathing and ambition)
     3) limitations of the mind (pride, isolation and violence)

    4. Learning the Ageless wisdom and the laws of the spiritual world. The major of them are:
ñ The Law of the Reincarnation (cyclical incarnation of Soul in the forms)
ñ The Law of Cause and Effect, called Karma in the East (“What comes around, goes around”)
ñ The Law of Free Will (free agency within the God's will)

     5. The development of group consciosness – consciosness of Soul, which nature reveals in responsibility and serving the God (by serving humanity and your neighbors)

     The final goal of the YoS Center is transformation and enlightenment of humanity, the establishment of God's Kingdom on Earth, which essentially means the emergence of people, moved by conscience - or Soul - and embodying the Will of God

     Coming back to the 2nd point of the aim, there are special YoS healing practices to keep your bodies clean and enchance your connection with Soul. They include mastering of 7 basic channels:

     1) 1) “Personal channel” – helps to remove karmic bonds and get rid of various astral/mental beings (the causes of illness);
     2) 1) “Good morning, Hierarchy Of Light!” - morning exercises, guided by Soul;
     3) “Kundalini energy to the man of Age of Aquarius” - the synthesis of different yogas and practices, working in an automatic way and controlled by the voice of your Soul;
     4) “Block” - helps to clear the subtle bodies (astral, mental and etheric) from different kind of impurities (self-made or come from the side) .
     5) 1) “Firebird” - channel for cleaning and protecting the premises (from negative energy and unfriendly beings);
     6) “Boomerang” - allows to repulse dark forces attacks (direct or by various sorcerers);
     7) “Unity” - channel, given to solve the problems in our life, using the main force and energy in our Solar System – the Power of Wise Love
    Yoga of Soul is offered to all people of good will, regardless of their political or religious beliefs.
    The primary education and the channel practices are transmitted by the master. Further, the work is continuing in group or on your own. Duration of training the channels is 40 days.
May Light, Love and Power restore the Divine Plan on Earth!

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